Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Eco Friendly Food Packaging

Using Eco-Friendly Food Packaging in Today’s Time

The Obvious Culprit

The world is currently racked in one of the largest, yet unprecedented, crises it has faced, which is plastic pollution. In the past two decades alone, global economies have produced more plastic than the last 50 years combined before that. The problem lies in the production, consumption and management of plastic waste.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, more than 50% of the plastic materials produced annually are designed to be used only once. This means that more than 150 million tonnes of plastic are automatically disposed of after a single use – to be found in landfills or the natural environment. Although efforts to recycle plastics have increased over the past few years, today only 9% of plastic wastes are recycled.

Potential Health Hazard

The biggest risk our families face is that these plastics, which have become an integral part of our daily lives, could persist in the environment for centuries. They break down to miniscule particles over time that permeate the aquatic environment. This poses a risk that these plastic particles could end up on our plates through fishes that have consumed them.

Thus, the need to create eco-friendly food packaging materials.

Environment-Conscious Initiatives

A number of local industries recognized the need to contribute to saving the environment and providing Filipino families with safer alternatives. Some of these industries are manufacturers and distributors of eco-friendly food packaging products. These companies saw the need for urgent action.  

Reusable and biodegradable materials will indeed help solve the current situation. This resulted in  innovating and creating a line of eco-friendly packaging merchandise. This line of products are made without any material nor by-product of plastic. These are completely different from the many “no plastic” food packaging options available in the market today.  “No plastic” food packaging is mostly made out of biodegradable material but actually has an inner lining made of plastic.

The Right Source

How do we know which manufacturer or distributor actually produces eco-friendly food packaging materials?

One way to find out is to check the company’s track record. The right source not only makes a conscious effort to help fight plastic pollution but also to cater to customers who advocate protecting the environment in their own little way.

A big plus factor is having a supplier that invested time and resources to analyze and research on market activity and consumer behavior here in the Philippines, especially consumer usage of single use plastics, and addressed this by launching biodegradable product lines. This is important considering the Philippines has increased its single use plastic consumption in the past year due to the current rise in online deliveries, small businesses, fast food, and convenient packaging.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Bamboo siomai forks and cornstarch cutlery, such as spoons, knives and forks, aim to satisfy customer and business needs and lower plastic usage at the same time. Where plastic siomai forks were dominant in every siomai stall, bamboo siomai forks replaced them as they are more durable and do not run the risk of not decomposing and breaking down to micro plastics when disposed of. The same philosophy was applied to the creation of cutlery and meal boxes made of cornstarch.

These eco-friendly food packaging products are not only biodegradable but are also functional, sturdy, easy to mass produce and reasonably priced.

Link Up With A Reliable Supplier

Connect with First Estan Corporation, a trusted manufacturer that focuses on being versatile and satisfying customer demands as well as being aware of the ecological impact the current food packaging industry has on the planet as one of its priorities.

Call 0917 5495976 or visit their website to know how they could provide high-quality eco-friendly food packaging and products that are budget-friendly and delivered fast to consumers. You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking this link.

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